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LOCK your car doors

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Hello neighbors,


Just a friendly reminder.  We "always" lock our car doors.  But, we didn't one night.  The next morning, we found someone had been in the vehicle.  They did not damage the car, they tossed things around inside.  The ONLY thing they took were coins. Not tools, not music, nothing else.  The change was not visible from outside the car, I might add.  Where we live, there are people coming and going at different hours, due to work schedules, and all in the area have dogs and porch lights on too.  I let our immediate neighbors know and found out it happened the same night to one of them too.  So disappointing!  So, remember to never leave a car creates an easy opportunity.

Yep, I have forgotten a few times and have gotten bitten twice. Once about a year ago and a second time on June 1 of this year. The first time was like you said, only the coins in the ashtray were cleaned out. The second time they hauled away a case of energy drink I had sitting on the passenger seat, a set of Bluetooth headphones ( good luck figuring out the trick to get them to charge) and an old pair of prescription sunglasses. The last item makes absolutely no sense. Anyway, I need to be more vigilant about keeping locking my car and it may be time to consider a security camera.

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