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Huber Ridge is located on the northeast side of Columbus in Blendon Township between Columbus and Westerville. The community boundaries in general are: Interstate 270, State Route 161 (Dublin-Granville Rd) and State Route 3 (Westerville Rd).


Huber Ridge is composed of several subdivisions that make-up the neighborhood. Charles H. Huber’s Huber Homes developed a plat in 1959 for a subdivision.  He named all subdivisions in memory of his father Herbert C. Huber 3/20/1898 to 5/15/1954. in addition to Fox Chase, Glengary Heights, Glengary Woods and Blendon Square subdivisions. The county records indicate that at one time the area included the Village of Guernseydale.

Blendon Township Bicentennial 8-23-06

August 23, 2006, marked the Bicentennial of Blendon Township. Huber Ridge is located in Blendon Township and, according to early maps of the township, appears to be the very land that was first settled by Edward Phelps Sr., one of our original founding Fathers.

Edward Phelps Sr. and Isaac Griswold originally set out from Windsor, Connecticut, September 26, 1805, to check out land they heard was promising. The reason they and others planned to leave Windsor was due to a feeling of "too close communion" with neighbors. Friends living in the Worthington community let them know about this land.

After making the trip in 1805 and blazing trees along Alum Creek for the land they had a description of, the party of 14 settlers made their preparations to move west. The Phelps and Griswold families sold their land for a good price. They and others said farewell to family and friends and began their long journey Tuesday, June 24, 1806.

They left in a caravan of two large wagons each driven by three pairs (or yoke) of oxen, two light wagons each with one horse, one heavy two-wheeled cart with two pairs of oxen, and two saddled horses. Edward Phelps Sr. and Isaac Griswold rode the horses. The Phelps boys drove the large wagons while the women and children traveled in the horse drawn carts.

Those first settlers were comprised of a party of 14 made up of the Edward Sr. and Azubah Phelps family (six children), Isaac and Ursula Griswold family (two children), Selina Clark (sister of Isaac Griswold), and Ethan Palmer. Ethan Palmer is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery on State St. in Westerville. The Phelps family is buried in our own Blendon Township Cemetery. Edward Phelps Sr. is noted on his headstone as being the 5th descendent of William, an emigrant from Tewkesbury, (sic) England, in 1630. He is a decorated veteran of the Revolutionary War.

To honor the children, those who made the trip were:

Phelps children with ages:

Edward Jr. (16)
Abram (15)
Azubah (12)
Lucinda (9)
Chloe (7)
William (4)

Griswold children:

Isaac (3)
Edwin (1)

History records that they washed their clothes in Alum Creek August 23, 1806. No one knows for sure how Alum Creek was named, but it is believed to be so named because of a corruption of the word "elm," as elms apparently grew along the creek, or because the mineral alum crystalized along the creek's edge.

If you visit our Blendon Township Cemetery, you will find the grave of Edward Phelps Sr. with his son Abram buried next to him. Abram, who was 15 when he came to this area, died August 18, 1834. He was 43 years old.

Edward Phelps Jr. has the distinction in Blendon Township history of being the first white man to fell a tree. He and Ethan Palmer engaged in a contest to see who would get the honor. They chose two beech trees of equal size. Edward was known to have a fine appearance. He was 6 feet tall and 165 pounds.

The above information is from two sources found in the Westerville Public Library:

"The History of Westerville, Ohio" by Harold Hancock, Rev. 2003

"The Settlement of Blendon Township" by H. Warren Phelps

Also, thanks are due to Beth A. Weinhardt, Local History Coordinator of the Westerville Public Library, whose patient help, checking, and expertise allowed me to write about these events.

We have a rich history. May we all be inspired to discover more of it and then to live our own history well. Visit our Blendon Township Cemetery with your children and/or grandchildren. Now you and I know a little more. Happy Birthday Blendon Township!

by Pam Clegg



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Huber Ridge Area Association, Inc.

The object of this Association shall be to foster and advance the public interest in the Huber Ridge Area and the territory immediately adjacent; to encourage and promote the general welfare of the community; to provide a forum for its members to respond to issues of common concern; to promote public improvements and safety within the community; and, to encourage social activities and unity among members of the community.


Any adult 18 years and older who resides within, owns real property within, or operates a business physically located within the Association boundaries is eligible for membership in the Association. Further information on membership is listed in the Association Bylaws.

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