For those who are not on the Huber Ridge Area Association facebook page, John Giamarco, our township Service Director, provided an excellent explanation of why we should always move our cars when there is snowfall.


  • John Giamarco Now that our roads are clean and clear I thought I would comment on the cars being moved. One, it is difficult to navigate a 10 foot plow between parked cars at 3 in the morning especially if they are parked across the street from one another, Two, if we were to get into an accident with a vehicle the process from our C.D.L. is the driver must be removed from the Township vehicle, go and get alcohol and drug tested, and can not return to driving for 24 hours, this makes the time frame for cleaning the roads an extra day, or pulls our other driver into a longer shift. Three, when we are out plowing and salting the roads the State Law is the Townships insurance and the Township is exempt from paying for accidents, this means your own insurance must cover any damage to your vehicle caused by an accident with our snow plow. If you only have liability on your vehicle then it is your responsibility to pay for any damages to your vehicle.We strive to be as safe as possible when cleaning your streets, but accidents can happen that are out of our control. In conclusion I hope this helps clear up why cars need to be removed from roadways during any snowfall not only emergencies.
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