I found a little dog it is a male white with some brown spots on the body and his head has little brown years but has a white face with just a little tiny bit of brown mixed in with the white on the very top of his head. He is a very happy playful and really mellow dog I??™m not sure how old he is but is very pleasant natured. I live near the corner of Santiago Dr. and Mexico Avenue in Huber Ridge and this little guy just walked up into my garage while my door was open earlier this evening around 5 PM. I can??™t figure out how to post photos into this discussion however I do have some photos available if you would like to contact me if you feel that this is your dog please do at anytime my cell phone number is 614-329-5594 and my name is Kelley feel free to call if I don??™t answer just leave me a message or feel free to shoot me a text message as well I have three other dogs in my home so will not be able to keep him for very long but I am hoping to find the owner! So if you are the owner or you know who??™s dog this might be please give me a shout