The HRRA is again sponsoring the Holiday Cheer program, and invite you to donate to help another Huber family this year. Westerville Area Resource Ministry (WARM) will provide us with the information for a neighborhood family who could use our help, and depending on how much we raise, we might be able to assist more than one family. Volunteers shop for requested items, and any money left over is put on gift cards; the families are notified when to pick up their goodies at WARM, so it is done anonymously.


Last year, you amazing neighbors contributed over $1200 to help TWO Huber families have a wonderful holiday.  We not only provided gifts for all members of the family, but gift cards for groceries and gas so they could use their own monies to pay for other necessities.


You can donate to the Holiday Cheer fund at, choose “Donation” from the dropdown, and type in “Holiday Cheer” in the Donation box. Of course good old cash or checks are accepted, just make out the checks to the “HRRA, Inc.” and put “Holiday Cheer” in the corner of the check and respond here or email me at and I’ll be happy to pick up the donations or you can give them to any of the HRRA officers. 


If you are interested in helping with shopping or wrapping gifts, we can use volunteers for that, as well, and that’s a great way to help out if you can’t afford to financially assist. Shopping can even be done online!


Let’s pull together again to help out one of our neighbors!! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.