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Spring Code Enforcement Tips - a letter from Bryan Rhoads

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Blendon Township Code Enforcement

Spring time has arrived! Along with the great weather we now have much to do in our yards. Everything from mowing grass, cleaning gutters, cleaning up limbs and planting flowers is now on our to-do list.

I am going to need everyone's help this summer to do a massive clean up of our community. Here are a few tips to use this summer to help the community look great!

* Keep your grass mowed on a regular basis. Mow the weeds and wild flowers right after they sprout to help eliminate the seeds from flying to other yards.

* Clean up sticks and debris from the winter. Not only will the sticks create great homes for insects and rats but they also degrade the quality of your land.

* Get rid of those old vehicles that you no longer use. Having multiple vehicles on your property isn't always the best idea.

* Make sure your gutters are secure and not falling/leaning off the house. Winter ice can cause damage to your gutters and now is the time to secure them.

* Place all trash cans out of the eye of the public. Hiding our trash cans makes the community look much better. Please pull your cans back until Thursday evenings.

* Place all trash in sealed containers. This will eliminate animals from getting into the trash and making a mess.

Every step we take to improve our homes helps improve our communities. The economy is tough right now but it will turn around soon. When that time comes, buyers will be looking for a new place to make their home. Having clean properties and great looking homes will help bring potential buyers to the Township.

If you aren't sure if your property needs any updates or repairs, feel free to call me. Imagine driving into Blendon and looking for a new home to buy. Pretend the property you want to purchase is right next to yours. Walk to the property you may purchase and look over at your current home. Do you see anything that would cause you to think twice about buying this new home?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Bryan Rhoads
Code Enforcement Director

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Posted by bambi on 05/06/2009
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