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IMPORTANT - OAW Rate Increase - time to write letters & address's

Fight the Hike Ohio -

Ohio American Water Company (OAWC) is at it again.  Now they have applied for a 60% increase over the next four years to increase our rates yet again. This will amount to an increase of 325% since 2002 in our water/sewer rates. Hey PUCO, and our elected officials: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

YOU can make a difference: write our elected officials, write the PUCO, sign an on-line petition, get involved, donate to the cause, and attend the PUCO public hearings. The website listed above is a grassroots organization founded to oppose this increase, organizing all communities affected by OAWC's increase to make a difference. Together we will have an impact on this increase. Please take some time to visit and see what can be done and what is being done. This is YOUR community YOU can and DO make a Difference.

Regardless of what has been said about this and past rate increases, YOU have made a difference. Two increases ago you wrote and attended the PUCO public forum and the proposed 21% increase was reduced to just over 9%. Last increase you wrote and attended the public forum and very little happened - so some thought.

This year another increase by - you guessed it - OAWC.   I contacted our officials and there is legislation being looked at and considered that will affect future rate increases if passed.  I was informed that the previous 2 increases were so well opposed by the residents/customers that when this increase was applied for so fast, our state officials now believe we have problems. This is due to your letters and hearing attendance, but we must keep the opposition up to make a difference. If we slack off now, the outcome will not be so favorable because our state lawmakers will not see the importance of changing some laws and the PUCO will not have some pressure to finally/hopefully stand up to corporate greed.

Please write ASAP:

Honorable Ted Strickland                      
Governor's Office
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6108

Public Utilities Commision of Ohio
Docketing Division
180 East Broad Street, 13th Floor
Columbus OH, 43215-3793

re: Case No. 09-391-ws-air.

Nancy Garland, State Representative
77 South High Street, 12th Floor
Columbus OH. 43215-611

Marian Harris, State Representative
77 South High Street, 12th Floor
Columbus OH. 43215-611

Senator David Goodman
Senate Building
Room 039, Ground Floor
Columbus OH. 43215

The time is NOW, we HAVE made a difference and WILL make a difference if we unite, stand, and fight. Our state elected officials are now listening and will continue to if we speak up.

To check out the PUCO website, read the letters of opposition, and the case progress please use this link ;

Thank You

James Welch
HRAA President
Fight the Hike Ohio co-chair



President - James Welch; Vice President - Carolyn Cordray; Treasurer - Eric Cordray;  Newsletter Editor - Marje Obrist; Secretary - ; Membership/HRAA Dues - Joya Neff; Block Watch - .

Joya Neff, Membership/HRAA Dues Coordinator, would like to schedule a meeting for all those interested in helping with HRAA membership.  Please call or email Joya if you are interested in helping, 891-0204,

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NEW POSITION: We are also looking for someone to help with the advertising in our newsletter. This job will entail cold calling and selling ads for our community newsletter "The Herald" and collecting for the ads. It includes working with the newsletter editor.


Marje Obrist is the Newsletter Editor. Contact her at for input or
advertising. We now have a "letter to the editor" section.  Please feel free to write your comments, compliments, etc... to email or mail them to Marje.  

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This is our community and association.  We can and do make a difference.  

Support your association: become a member, buy a HRAA t-shirt - from med to xl. These
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Membership Drive - Join your H.R.A.A.

It is only $15 to become a member of the Huber Ridge Area Association. Dues cover all adults living in the household.

Your dues pay for newsletter productions and flyer distribution to keep us informed as a community. They cover expenses of events like the Halloween Party, the Ridgewood Park Community Clean Up, Huber Ridge Blooms Garden Show and Contest, and Block Watch. They also go toward neighborhood clean up, beautification, Block Watch education, Welcome Committee bags, awards, and maintaining kiosks. Look for future discounts for members.

Send your $15 check payable to HRAA to:

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