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Housing Rehabilitation Programs
Through funding by multiple agencies, MORPC assists low- and moderate-income families with homes repairs. Program eligibility requirements are based on total household income, ownership of the home, and area of residency. For more information, call (614) 233-4171 or contact us by e-mail.

This program provides assistance to income-eligible qualifying households to bring homes in need of repairs up to Franklin County housing standards, correct code deficiencies, and remove lead-based paint hazards. Funding assistance is available in the form of zero percent interest deferred loans or a combination of loans and grants. There are no monthly payments and no interest is ever charged. The maximum loan/grant combination is $25,000.

The maximum mortgage loan is $15,000; the remainder is considered a grant and does not have an attached mortgage. As long as you continue to own and occupy the home for the next 20 years after receiving this assistance, the loan does not need to be repaid. However, if you sell or rent the home, or pass the home onto your heirs in the event of death, the loan balance must be repaid at that time. The full amount stays due and payable for the first 10 years. Starting with the 11th year, the balance starts to decrease by 10 percent each year (e.g., the balance is 90 percent after 11 years, 50 percent after 15 years and fully paid after 20 years). The mortgage is released once the 20-year period has passed or if the loan has been repaid.

The maximum home value cannot exceed $144,000, based on the Franklin County Auditor's market total value for the property. This is not the same as the home's appraised value, which is often much higher. You must have owned and occupied your home for at least one year. There can be a first or second mortgage on the home but no land contracts. You must be current on property taxes and live in Franklin County, outside the city limits of Columbus. You must have homeowner's insurance on your home and a minimum of $15,000 home equity established in the home.

Please call (614) 233-4171 or e-mail for additional information.


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