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Blendon Township Police Department, 6340 Hempstead Road - Westerville, Ohio 43081.  Office 614-882-8500 (8-4:30 p.m.)  Fax 614-882-3740  Cell 614-314-3786 (Detective Phillips) 

December 2009 Activity Bulletin - Updated 12-29-09 with Summary

Check this page weekly to view the police concerns and reports for our neighborhood.

Residents should always report suspicious activity to the Police Dispatcher, 889-9494 and emergencies to 911. Please do not hesitate to report.

This report lets neighbors know about issues that concern the community and communicates suspicious or criminal activity in an area.

12-03-09  [AREA M]  - THEFT - 5200 BLOCK OF WESTERVILLE ROAD (close-by).  On 12-3-09 between 1526 and 1530 hours, attendant at listed business pumped gasoline for customer.  The bill came to $35.70.  Unknown suspect handed the attendant a $5 bill and drove off without paying for the rest.

12-09-09  [AREA D] - CRIMINAL DAMAGING - 3500 BLOCK OF KARIKAL COURT.  Between 12-8-09 at 2330 hours, and 12-9-09 at 0620 hours, unknown suspect slashed both passenger side tires of victim's vehicle which was parked int he driveway along the side of victim's residence.

12-09-09 [AREA M] - CRIMINAL DAMAGING - 5900 BLOCK OF WESTERVILLE ROAD.   On 12-9-09 between 2010 and 2015 hours, unknown suspect broke the left rearview mirror of victim's vehicle.

12-09-09 [AREA M] - CRIMINAL DAMAGING - 6000 BLOCK OF WESTERVILLE ROAD.   On 12-9-09 between 2010 and 2015 hours, unknown suspect broke the left rearview mirror of victim's vehicle.

12-12-09  [AREA H] - PHONE HARASSMENT - 5400 BLOCK OF HARBIN PLACE.  Between 11-27-09 at 0800 hours, and 12-12-09 at 1133 hours, victim states that a known suspect has been threatening her with bodily harm via telephone, email, and text messaging.

12-13-09  [AREA M] - ROBBERY - 5900 BLOCK OF WESTERVILLE ROAD.  On 12-13-09 between 2101 and 2105 hours, unknown suspect came to the front door as reportee was getting ready to lock up.  When reportee stated that they were closed, the suspect pulled a black automatic pistol and stated, "No, you're not."  Suspect told reportee that they had 30 seconds to empty the cash drawer.  Suspect walked over to the cash register, pulled a pantyhose-type mask over his face, pointed the gun at victim, and demanded all of the money.  Suspect took the money and fled northbound on foot.

ADDENDUM FROM DECEMBER 16 WESTERVILLE NEWS AND PUBLIC OPINION:  The Subway shop at 5992 Westerville Road was robbed at gunpoint as it closed at 9:15 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 13, Blendon Township Police reported.  When an employee told a man in the store he was locking up, the man pulled out a black pistol and told the employee to empty the cash drawer, while covering his face with a pantihose-type mask, reports said.  The robber was described as black, in his 40s, 5-feet-10 and 150 pounds.  He took $150 and fled northbound on foot, police reports said.

12-15-09  [AREA C] - THEFT - 3400 BLOCK OF BRAZZAVILLE ROAD.  On 12-14-09 between 0100 and 0800 hours, unknown suspect removed Christmas bulbs from victim's front yard.

12-26-09  [AREA F] - BURGLARY - 5600 BLOCK OF BUENOS AIRES.  Between 12-21-09 1200 hours, and 12-26-09 1000 hours, the front door knob was torn off of the residence and the dishwasher was stolen by an unknown suspect.  Water was left on the floor causing damage to the carpet.

12-27-09  [AREA B] - PHONE HARASSMENT - 6000 BLOCK OF BATAVIA ROAD.   Between 12-24-09 1200 hours, and 12-27-09 1925 hours, victim stated that she received several threatening text messages from an acquaintance on her cell phone.  The messages were physical threats over an ex-boyfriend.



AREA A - 0
AREA B - 1
AREA C - 1
AREA D - 1
AREA E - 0
AREA F - 1 
AREA G - 0
AREA H - 1
AREA M - 4 (1 close-by crime)

TOTAL -09 (1 close-by crime)


January 2010 Activity Bulletin - Updated  2-03-10 with Summary

01-01-10  [AREA E] - PHONE HARASSMENT - 3700 BLOCK OF CARACAS DRIVE.  Between 12-05-09 1200 hours, and 01-01-10 1535 hours, victims #1 and #2 have received several unwanted threatening calls and text messages from known offender on numerous occasions.  The suspect has also had friends calling victim #1.  There is a protection order in place for victim #1 against the offender.

01-02-10  [AREA F] - CRIMINAL DAMAGING - 5600 BLOCK OF OSLO DRIVE.  Between 1-1-10 0200 hours, and 1-2-10 0900 hours, unknown suspect broke out the rear window of victim's vehicle.  Nothing appeared to be missing.

01-02-10  [AREA A] - BURGLARY - 3400 BLOCK OF DAHLGREEN DRIVE.  On 1-2-10 between 1600 and 2000 hours, unknown suspect(s) entered residence through an unlocked basement window and stole cash from the home.

01-08-10  [AREA M] - ROBBERY - 5950 WESTERVILLE ROAD.  IN FRONT OF FAMILY DOLLAR, GLENGARY PLAZA (Unofficial report) -  On Friday,  January 8, time undetermined, juveniles assaulted another juvenile(s) in front of Family Dollar.  Police were called to the scene.  Official report - On 1-8-10 between 1548 and 1552, three unknown black males punched two juvenile victim's in the face, took rubber bands, gummy worms, and a pack of gum, then fled on foot.

01-08-10  [AREA E] - THEFT - 5800 BLOCK OF VARADERO DRIVE.  Between 1-7-10 1400 hours, and 1-8-10 1720 hours, Unknown suspect(s) removed a snow shovel from victim's driveway without consent.

01-14-10  [AREA M] - CRIMINAL DAMAGING - 6005 WESTERVILLE ROAD.   On 1-14-10 between 0000 and 0700 hours, unknown suspect(s) entered the secure premises by cutting the fence.  Once on the property, suspect(s) stole 6 spools of copper wiring (approx. 100 pounds).

01-21-10  [AREA M] - THEFT - 5950 WESTERVILLE ROAD.   On 1-21-10 between 1005 and 1015, an unknown female black suspect, age 55-65 years of age, took merchandise items off the store shelf, placed them in her large purse, and then exited the store wihout paying for the merchandise,  She then entered an awaiting vehicle and fled.

01-21-10  [AREA M] - THEFT - 5950 WESTERVILLE ROAD.  On 1-21-10 at 1525 hours, two unknown suspects entered business and loaded two empty purses with candles, slippers, body wash, and hair supplies.  When confronted at the front door of business, suspects fled out of the parking lot and drive southbound on Westerville Road.

01-29-10  [AREA M] - CRIMINAL MISCHIEF - 6000 WESTERVILLE ROAD.   On 1-20-10 between 1730 and 1845 hours, victim parked his vehicle at listed location.  When he returned to the vehicle over an hour later, he found the front passenger side window broken out.  An unknown suspect stole his employer's laptop computer from the front passenger seat of vehicle.



AREA A - 1
AREA B - 0
AREA C - 0
AREA D - 0
AREA E - 2 
AREA F - 1 
AREA G - 0 
AREA H - 0
AREA M -  5

TOTAL -  9


February 2010 Activity Bulletin - Updated 2-13-10 with summary

Remember to lock up, light up, listen, and report.    Keep garage doors closed when unattended.  Close and lock windows while you are away.   If you see suspicious persons or activity, do not hesitate to call dispatch at 889-9494.

Listing police reports helps us to be aware of potential problems and concerns. It prompts us to be more alert and cautious. Thank you for doing your part.

02-02-10  [AREA M - CLOSE-BY] - THEFT - 5300 BLOCK OF WESTERVILLE ROAD.  On 1-31-10 between 2000 and 2040 hours, two suspects walked into the listed location.  Suspect #1 asked employee for an application.  While suspect #1 was filling out the application, suspect #2 began concealing items in his coat.  They were in the store for approximately 40 minutes and then left the store without paying for the items.  Suspect #1 threw the application in the trash.  Reporting person was able to recover the application from trash for evidence.

02-03-10  [AREA D] - THEFT - 5900 BLOCK OF BANGASI ROAD.   Between 2-2-10 1230 hours, and 2-3-10 1600 hours, unknown suspect(s) removed the front and rear license plates from victim's vehicle while parked in her driveway.

02-04-10  [AREA E] - THEFT - 5757 BUENOS AIRES (HUBER RIDGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL).  On 2-3-10 between 0745 and 1430 hours, unknown suspect(s) took victim's wallet containing items from her purse that was located in her classroom at listed location.


AREA A - 0
AREA B - 0
AREA C - 0
AREA D - 1
AREA E - 1
AREA F - 0
AREA G - 1

AREA H - 0

AREA M - 1 (1 close-by) 


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