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Block Watch Tips for Parents with Home Alone Children

What You Can Do (source: National Crime Prevention Council)

Make sure your children are old enough and mature enough to care for themselves.

Teach them basic safety rules. (See the following "Teach Your Home Alone Children" section.)

Know the three"W's": Where your kids are, What they're doing, and Who they're with.

Don't forget to check on state law about the age at which children can be left at home alone.

[According to Franklin County Children's Services, Ohio has no specific age on the books for children being home alone. At ages 10 and 11, children can become certified babysitters. If someone doubts the capabilities of a child home alone and calls FCCS, then a police officer will be sent to the home and will determine the maturity level of the child by conducting a "well-being check." The well-being check will likely consist of the officer determining maturity and capability according to the questions listed below.]

Are They Ready? Can Your Children -

Be trusted to go straight home after school?

Easily use the telephone, locks, and kitchen appliances?

Follow rules and instructions well?

Handle unexpected situations without panicking?

Stay alone without being afraid?

A Word About Curiosity . . .

Are there things you don't want your children to get into? Take the time to talk to them about the deadly consequences of guns, medicines, power tools, drugs, alcohol, cleaning products, and inhalants. Make sure you keep these items in a secure place out of sight and locked up, if possible.

Teach Your Home Alone Children

- to check in with you or a neighbor immediately after arriving home.

- how to call 911, (or the Police Dispatcher at 899.9494), or the operator.

- how to give directions to your home, in case of an emergency.

- to never accept gifts or rides from people they don't know well.

- how to use the door and window locks, and the alarm system if you have one.

- to never let anyone into your home without asking your permission.

- to never open or unlock the door for a stanger or someone they do not know well.

- to never let a caller at the door or on the phone know that they're alone. Teach them to say, "Mom (or dad, whomever) can't come to the phone (or door) right now."

- to carry a house key with them in a safe place (inside a shirt pocket or sock). Don't leave it under a mat or on a ledge outside the house. OR - to know the code to your garage door opener and never give it out unless they have your permission.

- how (and where) to escape in case of fire.

- to not go into an empty house or apartment if things don't look right - a broken window, ripped screen, or opened door. (Go to a trusted neighbor's home and/or call the police.)

- to let you know about anything that frightens them or makes them feel uncomfortable.

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