Huber Ridge Area

Feeding Feral and Stray Cats Against the Law

The Franklin County Board of Health recently sent a letter to the Blendon Township Trustees notifying them of a violation in Huber Ridge where a resident was found to be feeding stray/feral cats and kittens.  According to the notification, Franklin County Board of Health regulation 709.05 A.1 specifically states:  "No person shall harbor, feed or sell wild, exotic, prohibited, or feral animals within the jurisdiction of the Franklin County District Board of Health."

The Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3709 authorized local health departments to regulate any condition which creates a nuisance.  The conditions found at the residence (cat food bowls and empty plates found outside the residence) were found to be in violation of the Franklin County Board of Health Sanitary Regulation(s) #709 (Rabies Control Regulation) and #718 (Governing Nuisance Regulation).  In order to get into compliance, the notice indicates that feeding of animals owned as pets must be done inside the residence or during limited daylight hours in a manner that does not create an attractive nuisance for wild, feral, or stray animals or rodents.

No one wants to see an animal go hungry, but residents need to be aware of the regulations of the Franklin County Board of Health as an act of kindness could violate the law and draw unwanted pests such as rodents, raccoons, oppossum or other such animals.  For questions or concerns, residents can contact Franklin County Board of Health at 462-3160 or refer to their website at



Posted by ccordray on 07/25/2010
Blendon Township, Ohio 43081

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