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Water Purchase Finalized - OAW now Aqua Ohio

In a communication from Jeff LaRue, Community Relations Consultant for Ohio American Water to Joy Neff:


I wanted to let you know that the purchase of Ohio American ater by Aqua Ohio was finalized today. 

 There are a couple of details that Huber Ridge residents may want to know, and I’d appreciate your help in getting the word out.

  • There won’t be any service disruption as a result of the transition.
  • Aqua will distribute  information packets to all former OAW customers by the middle of the month.  The packets will have the new customer service phone number and other company information.
  • While most of the local employees will remain, the people in management have changed.  (It would be nice to get them to an association meeting in the next month or so, if possible.)
  • People who purchase the optional water-line protection insurance though American Water Resources (that has traditionally been included on their water bill) will have the option to continue this service but it will be billed separately from the water bill.  American Water Resources will contact their customers to tell them how to continue their service.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.  I can be reached here or by cell 893-7635.


Jeff La Rue
The Street Consulting

Jeff La Rue is an independent contractor who has contracted in the past with Ohio American Water to work with residents on various water issues.  It is anticipated that he will continue in a similar capacity with Aqua Ohio.  The HRAA is currently actively in communication with Aqua Ohio management to arrange for a guest speaker to attend an upcoming general meeting.  Watch for announcements on

Posted by ccordray on 05/02/2012
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