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Nominating Committee Seeks Candidates for 2018 Officers

Nominating Committee

  • The goal of the nominating committee is to deliver a slate of candidates to the HRAA membership at the December 4, 2017 meeting.
  • Candidates must be “members in good standing” per our bylaws.  That means that members must be current on their dues.
  • Election of officers for the Huber Ridge Area Association, Inc will be at the January 8, 2018 general membership meeting.  

Description of duties of officers:

President - leads general membership and executive meetings of the HRAA, Inc., oversees functions performed by officers as well as all standing committees of the HRAA, Inc. helping out where needed.  Assures that the bylaws of the Huber Ridge Area Association, Inc are followed.

Vice President - steps in to lead general membership and executive meetings of the HRAA, Inc in the absence of the President, coordinates all aspects of spring and fall community garage sales and engages meeting speakers.  Assists with standing committees of the HRAA, Inc. as needed.

Secretary - Solicit agenda items from executive committee, create and print meeting agendas, document notes from meetings and create and print minutes for general membership meetings and executive committee meetings of the HRAA, Inc.

Treasurer - Handle all financial matters of the HRAA, Inc., making timely deposits of checks and cash, writing checks for expenses, reconciling bank statements and creating monthly reports of financial activity of the association.  

Expectations of the Executive Committee:

  • The HRAA, Inc. Executive Committee consists of elected officers and standing committee chairpersons. 
  • The HRAA, Inc. holds two types of regularly scheduled meetings:  The Executive Committee meeting and the General HRAA, Inc. meeting
  • The Executive Committee meets on a monthly basis on the 3rd Monday in a face to face or online setting, as the business of the Executive Committee dictates.  The Executive Committee utilizes a “secret” Facebook page to conduct discussions between meetings and at times in lieu of a face to face meeting.  There are times earlier in the year that sometimes meetings are cancelled as there is little business before the committee to be handled.
  • For monthly Executive Meetings, quorum is defined in the bylaws based on attendance of a majority of the elected officers.  In the event that quorum is not achieved, business cannot be conducted.
  • There are just six meetings of the General HRAA, Inc. membership annually.  They are held the 1st Monday of January, April, June, August, October and December.  Quorum for the General HRAA, Inc. membership meetings is 10 member households in good standing, this number is not dependent upon officers although it is expected that officers attend to report to the membership on activities of their office.

Nominating Committee Management of Work

  • The Nominating Committee members can conduct the business of the committee as the three members agree to handle it. 
  • In the past the Nominating Committee has reached out to potential candidates via telephone call, email or in person. 
  • Announcements can be posted on the Huber Ridge Area Association Facebook page or on our website:  .  If you need help with this, please let me know.  Posts can be refreshed as often as you would like.
  • : Securing leadership for the Huber Ridge Area Association, Inc. is critical to the health and survival of the association and all of the events, activities and programs provided by our neighborhood group.  Our organization is an all-volunteer one of neighbors interested and invested in making our neighborhood a better place in which to live so please consider sharing your talents with the Huber Ridge Area Association, Inc.  
Posted by ccordray on 11/20/2017
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